Afternoon Fat Loss Continues!

Now from where we left off in Part 1 it was at 9 am & as i mentioned before you are welcomed to use this protocol I follow, change things to make it your own or just follow a routine that works for you. 

I say this because i do not know any successful person that does not follow some kind of routine. With that said let’s jump right into it. 

Zakaria BenBouchta Afternoon Routine

Now this part right here i got from ben greenfield, who described Peak time (most attention-demanding) and Non-peak time (creativeness-demanding). Which basically means anything that you need focus on ie; studying, research, writing etc you should be doing during your Peak time. For me that’s exactly at this point from 9:00 to 1 o’clock where I am locked in on my lap top. 

  • Phone on silent and away
  • Anything distracting is away
  • Do not answer anyone

I get whatever tasks needs to be done that day, which for me is writing these emails, filming content for youtube/ instagram, answering clients and emails & on some days doing an aerobic workout (bike, swim or run).
In my room i have a high table which is next to a window. I stack some of my physiology/science books and pretty much make a macgaver style standing Desk.I open the blinds to allow more natural sunlight to come through, pop some air tube headphones & listen to some Binaural beats. I “borrow” my moms air diffuser (which she doesn’t really use) and add in pine essential oil  to keep Cortisol levels low. 

Now starring at a lap top isn’t the best thing so i will at this time put on my blue light blocking glasses and take breaks by stepping outside my place, looking into the distance to relax my ocular muscles. I will as well move my spine/body  by doing some Spinal Extension to open the thoracic cage and spine rotation exercises along with some jumping jacks, inverted rows, push ups and squats/lunges. Usually following a 60 min focused routine and 10 min break. 

1:00 pm…

Now that the work is done it’s food time, i haven’t had anything since the morning green smoothie. At this point i will at the same time asses if I need to take a nap due to past workout sessions or if I will be okay to continue my day. Honestly though since my training volume has increased i typically Nap everyday!! 
Now to make sure i nap and unwind before we eat ill take some of my Vegan CBD Oil along with some turmeric to increase absorption. 

This salad bowl usual consists of;

  • 3 servings of kale
  • 2 servings of spinach
  • 1 serving iceberg lettuce 
  • 1 med carrot
  • 1 large tomato
  • 1/2 large cucumber
  • 2 servings olives
  • 1 avocado
  • 1/2 large red pepper
  • 200g Fermented Tempeh
  • 3 nori seaweed 
  • Some left over sautéed veggies if i have any left from the night before. 

Now if you look at that along with the green smoothie in the morning we got almost 30-40 servings of veggies without counting in DINNER! 
Now i add 1-2 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil along with some red mill or pink Himalayan salt, black pepper, turmeric and balsamic vinegar. If i have left over i use a make shift salad dressing thats very simple;

  • 1 pepper of choice (red, yellow, orange)
  • 2-3 pitted dates
  • 1/4 cup nutritional yeast
  • Salt/pepper/garlic
  • splash of water
  • Blend all together 

Voila easy dressing!! 

Now i toss the salad and take out the nori seaweed sheets and pretty much wrap my salad in the sheets and eat it like that. 
A lot of individuals are deficient in iodine which is a pre-cursor for your T3 & T4 (thyroid) hormone. So if you aren’t plant based and love eating Sushi then you are good. As for me i include it pretty much every single day plus love making this salad or homemade sushi for supper sometimes. 

To enjoy my Glory Bowl i go outside and watch some videos, podcasts, audiobook, articles of research etc.. 
If i have a double or triple training session for that day which tends to be the case for most days i will eat a couple of extra things;

  • Chia seed pudding
  • chocolate avocado pudding
  • Energy bites 

Which you can find the recipes too in the FREE EBOOK you guys should have.

2:00 pm ish…
Food is done, I clean up the dishes and get ready for my nap. I lay in my bed, turn everything into airplane mode and turn my oura ring on meditation mode to track my HRV, i turn on either the or Pzizz app that you can find on the app store or android store. I set the timer anywhere from 10-60 mins depending on the time i have for that day and do 3 cycles of 4-7-8 breathing or 2 cycles of Wim hoff. These two are technique used to change the chemistry in your body and auto-regulate your parasympathetic NS along with boosting your immune system VIA your autonomic NS. 

3:00 pm…
I wake up and feel amazing and ready to tackle the second half of the day. At this point I make a pre-workout drink which typically involves;

Along with answering any last minute emails, text’s phone calls, bill payments, grandma care (do any groceries or just help grandma out). 

4:00 pm…
It’s workout time now on a given day it will switch, i typically have boxing 5 days a week, S&C 4 days a week (just as i outlined in the FREE SHREDZ PROGRAM), 6 Triathlon workouts consisting of high-intensity bike, swim, run and other lighter bike, swim, run. So typically looking at 15-20 training sessions a week for me. 

6:00 pm…
Typically finish my workouts and do 2 things right away, i take some EAA’s 10g and 50-100g of 85% dark chocolate. 
I physically place my body through high demanding activity which tear my muscles, along with the workouts usually lasting 2 hours i’ve at the same time depleted my glycogen stores. 

i leave the gym listening to some podcasts, while scrolling through social media and answering my followers.
Funny enough post workout my mind is still in its creative state. So while i travel back home i write down, new video ideas, articles i want to read, recipes to make etc…

Im back home at this time & Two things will happen;

  • I cook food for the next training session if its a 3 a day
  • I spend some family time &/or doing things i enjoy before eating supper (walking, learning a new skill or perfecting one, throw the ball around with pops, play playstation, create more blog post/emails) 

With all of this said… 
You guys got to wait up for part 3 to see how I set myself up to sleep like a dead person. I mean knock the Freakin out and not wake up during the night. Iv’e been told i can go for eyes wide opened to night night real quick. 

I hope you guys are enjoying these day in the life. I want to be as transparent with you guys as possible and to show you how i set up my days to achieve this SUMMER SHREDZ goal but at the same time staying active and getting work done. 

Everything is done in a manner to reduce stress, increase movement and teach your body to keep burning fat the whole time. Trying to show you guys how to turn yourselves into FAT BURNING MACHINES!! 

If you have any modifications to my afternoon routine, you want to describe yours or have any questions, thoughts or want to say something to me. Response to this email and i will gladly answer you! 


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