The Evening Routine

I have changed a lot in the past years to create this routine! I’ve
learned from biohacker’s around the world from reading there books, listening to their podcasts & just taking all the science i’ve learned in school and applied it. 

So here we go..
7:00 pm..
By this time I am finishing up my workout! Heading straight for a cold shower. From Monday to Friday its my most intense muscle damaging workout of the day. Whether it’s a boxing, sparring, weight lifting, cross-fit style training session. So on these days I take some Essential Amino Acids roughly 10g sometimes 15g and make my way home. 

Once I am home a grab two things that I consume right away. 

  • 50-100g Dark chocolate
  • Glass of Red wine

In a post workout situation your body is in need of replenishment. So I am no way worried about my body storing fat at this point. The fructose sugars that are found in red wine will help replenish my liver glycogen storage since your muscle to not contain an enzyme to break down fructose and store it as glycogen.

The Dark chocolate helps replenish my muscle glycogen stores, along with it’s strong polyphenols and antioxidant properties just like the red wine. I enjoy myself and these two are a staple in my lifestyle.

I only eat roughly 1.5 hours after getting home. Yet since i am the one that cooks all my food. I now let my creative brain take over and make whatever i feel for;

  • Blueberry pancakes
  • Sushi
  • Sweet potato fries with a burger
  • Stir Fry 
  • Burrito’s 
  • Burrito Bowl
  • Bean spaghetti
  • Fruit platter (for dessert always) 
  • Lentils/Beans
  • Falafel

So it really depends on what I feel for but what i can say is that dinner for me is CARB time. Like i explained before our bodies are in a depleted state. So yes carbs will spike your insulin yet the depleted muscle glycogen will drive the carbohydrate you are consuming into the muscle for energy and not fat. 
I usually consume 200g (800 calories) of carbs in that one meal and on lighter training days I keep it as low at 100g.
This concept explained above is broken down very well by John Kiefer in his Carb Backloading book.

As you can see no MEAT or dairy! There is a massive reason for this which will come in another email. Yet here is why you yourself if you aren’t plant based are some things you should follow

  1. Meat has been shown to cause “Neu5Gc-mediated autoimmunity”. Can cause skin issue to hypothyroidism to increased cancer. Garth Davis is a great plant based Doctor that outlines this very well.
  2. Excessive meat & protein intake is very anabolic & can cause uncontrolled division of rogue cells in the body and increase cancer risk especially if the meat is cooked & processed.
  3. Due to the high protein in meat the activation of a protein called mTor and an increase rate of telomeres shorten. Which is something i found on ben greenfield page with an article written by Ray Cronise 

So what would be acceptable for you to have..?

  • Starches; rice, quinoa, sweet potato, yams, squash, carrots, beets
  • Protein; nuts, seeds, grains, any non-fried meat that is cooked in low temperatures with healthy oils, & organic, local or wild caught.
  • Fat; coconut oil, avocado’s, avocado oil, ghee, flax seed oil. 

Since my mom is very exhausted all time from doing night shifts, I will cook her food, wake her up and eat dinner with her before she leaves for work later that night! My dad again travels a lot so if he is around i will cook for both my parents and eat with them. 

With the food I ate as I showed you above I will have cinnamon within the meal (usually in a bowl of oats). I will as well have 2 shots of ACV (apple cider vinegar). Which are two food items that are known to control blood glucose levels. 

Most of the time though I am alone, that’s where i invite my close friends or family and we have dinner together. To many people are alone and depressed & making it a staple in my life to spend time eating and enjoy ones company is a ritual of mine. 

After 9:00pm i won’t eat until around 10 or 12 the next morning! Which is a form of intermittent fasting. I will fast everyday anywhere between 12-16 hours. 

I take care of my body by brushing my teeth, washing my face, i take 50-75mg of CBD along with making myself a cup of Chamomile tea. 

I then let my tea cool down and go for a 20-30 minute walk to aid with the digestion of the meal i just had. When I am back home i enjoy my tea read a couple more articles or maybe an article i didn’t finish. Sometimes play some playstation, or do a yoga stretching routine, maybe take a magnesium rich epsom salt bath. 

I get ready for bed by putting my blue light blocking glasses on.
I sprinkle some Lavender essential oil on my pillow. Turning the heat in the house low roughly 16 degrees. 

Now I don’t waste a lot of time with TV or anything that will keep me up because my sleep is the most vital thing that allows me to recover, keep my immune system strong, burn more fat and wake up ready to tackle another day the next morning. I make sure to get in 4-5 sleep cycles of 90 mins. Usually tracking it with the Oura ring  . 

At this time if I am seeing a girl I will have sex making sure she is fully pleased. There are many sex hacks and things to do for ultimate stimulation which i won’t get into right now. Yet after i dry off since i sweat all day everyday and especially during sex. I will perform some 4-7-8 breathing to relax my body and after about 3-4 cycles of that im out. 

What did you think?

Did you enjoy this last Part 3?

Do you have any questions?

Would love to hear your thoughts and opinions!!

As you can see throughout this 3 part series. Everything is designed so you can get your work in, training in, family time, enjoy your food, BURN FAT while not feeling over fatigue, tired and feeling that you haven’t accomplish something that day. 

As Eric Thomas states ‘Be phenomenal or be forgotten”

See you guys  

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