Calories Explained Once and For All

Before jumping into the nitty gritty things. Has this ever happened to you? You wake up one morning and say it’s time!! I will lose this stubborn fat/gain muscle mass and look amazing for this upcoming event, summer or photoshoot. To help you on this journey you go out and purchase a training program, hireContinue reading “Calories Explained Once and For All”

The Evening Routine

I have changed a lot in the past years to create this routine! I’velearned from biohacker’s around the world from reading there books, listening to their podcasts & just taking all the science i’ve learned in school and applied it.  So here we go..7:00 pm..By this time I am finishing up my workout! Heading straightContinue reading “The Evening Routine”

So What Does My Morning Look Like?

So What Does My Morning Look Like? You are welcomed to copy me or make it into your own! Let’s break it down from beginning to about 9-10 am!  6:00 am ish… I don’t wake up with an alarm yet, I naturally wake up some days around 6 exactly, earlier, or a bit later reallyContinue reading “So What Does My Morning Look Like?”